• Image of WHATEVER FOREVER 7" (Green Vinyl w/download)

Vinyl Valley Records is pleased to announce it's first label release, the debut EP from WHATEVER FOREVER, to be released worldwide on Friday, July 8th!

Minneapolis supergroup of sorts, WHATEVER FOREVER features Clara Salyer (bassist for BABES IN TOYLAND and singer/guitarist for PRISSY CLERKS and TOTAL BABE), Howard Hamilton III (RED PENS, PRISSY CLERKS) Dave Gatchell (SELBY TIGERS) and Jordan Bleau (FRANKIE TEARDROP).

Their sound is an updated 90's Lo-fi indie era college radio dream come true with dueling Pavementesque guitars and boy/girl vocals. Side A contains two tracks, first is the song "Buzzkill Joy" with Clara singing about making a big deal out of nothing featuring fuzzed out lead guitar and gang back up vocals. The side continues with "Miserable People" short and to the point with Salyer on lead vocals yet again and includes some swooping divebomb shoegaze tinged guitars by Hamilton. Side B features one longer song sung called "Lazy Way Out" with Dinosuar Jr. meets Sonic Youth guitar duels and slacker style lead vocals by Hamilton.

The 7" is pressed on green marble vinyl and is limited to 300 copies. Comes with a full color cover and digital download code.